August 19, 2021 I’ve been hyperventilating, trying to catch my breath since 1980. My heart doesn’t know how to handle the world’s painful cries for help. It’s weighing on me so heavy today. Maybe, you say, “maybe this is what you were made for.” OK and I am here for it, but some days the silence feels too damn loud,  the mighty ones I needed to stand up with me were fast asleep.  My feet are burning,  my legs are heavy,  and my back is breaking from the weight on my shoulders. You say,  “that weight isn’t yours to carry.” To which I say, “You’re right,  it is all of ours to carry. So help me, God.”  I take the deepest Shallow breath that I can, and look up to the sky with tears in my eyes,  asking God for the strength to keep standing. 

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