11/27/2020 A miracle happened on this day. I literally felt these words flow through me as I wrote; I had been unable to write for a long, long time.


Since yesterday was Thanksgiving, I was thinking a lot about some of the blessings that God has given my kids and I. Most of us have struggled to keep our heads out of the mud this year; these months have been quite a roller coaster of emotions without promise of the ride ending soon enough. But as I was filling my mind with only positive things, all of you stood front and center. Throughout my day, there you stayed and my heart swelled with sparkles of joy and thanksgiving. YOU are what I am most grateful for this year, every year. You have given me a voice and a safe place. Your voices, and specifically, your hearts are the healing balm to the little girl inside me that dreams of freedom and fields of greener pasture. In my mind, each of you is an ever-growing, blooming flower rising up beside me. We shield each other, drink from the same stream of living water, some of us grow when others need a little longer to be still, yet we never cease to bask in the glory of one another’s shine, or to sit with a bleeding heart for a long as it takes.

What makes this so profound to ME, is that magnificent field. This is the same field that Jesus took me to many times as a child. He met me there when darkness on the outside threatened to take me. This is where I was free to play, where He would take me up in His arms and was happy to play with me. We would run like the wind, hand in hand and JUST BE FREE.

Each of you is here with me in this safe place that God gave me all those years ago, all of our individual bright colors wildly blooming.

Welcome to my magical, peaceful, abundant, glorious field of hope and love. ❤

To be apart of something so beautiful is what this weird girl’s dreams are made of and I just cannot bring justice to what each one of you means to me. I don’t think there could possibly be a greater village of humans anywhere in the world that I would rather be apart of. ❤


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